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Bad Parenting Day

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I’m having a very bad parenting day. Today I went to pick EBoy up from school to be met by his teacher. She told me that he’d had problems in his computer class today. Instead of practicing using the keyboard to type his name he’d pressed other buttons, gazed into space and generally just not been cooperative. Instantly I let worry overtake me and we came home so I could give him some practice and see what he would do. He tried and was very happy if he got a letter correct- but EBoy honestly doesn’t know his letters yet. Yes, he can name letters but that doesn’t mean that the ones he is looking at are the actual letters.

Self doubt rose up in the most suffocating way and I felt frantic because my son couldn’t do this. Were the other children all sitting there typing their names? How can a 3 year old (a young 3 year old at that- his birthday is after everyone else in his class) be expected to figure out typing on a full keyboard when he can’t even point out A most of the time?

My bad parenting moment was completely because of my self doubt- I’ve never stressed about forcing him to know anything thus far. I believe in having fun and letting him learn that way. We’ve worked on letters in various ways (you wouldn’t believe the number of alphabet books and flashcards we have) but while he can name most of the items in the books and cards he hasn’t ever gotten the letters and that’s fine with me. Instead of remembering to stay relaxed- I tried to sit at the keyboard and repeat the letters of his name over and over and over to see if he could do it on his own and he couldn’t. He wound up so flustered he asked me if he could just go take a nap. At that moment I felt like the worst ogre of a parent on earth.

After EBoy woke up from his nap I hugged him and apologized. I explained to him that Mommy wasn’t mad at him she was just worried because she knows how smart he is and just wanted to help him learn. He told me he was ok and I promised from now on we’ll only type for fun. My Mom also told me to not practice for more than 5 minutes or so at a time and if I ever feel frustrated to stop right there and go do something else.

So now I must go talk to his teacher and find out exactly why she thinks a 3 year old can sit and focus on typing anything when he can’t even recognize letters yet. My poor child’s first name has 10 letters in it! The worst part is they have games for them to play but they expect them to type their names first before they’ll let them play. He loves to play games and kept asking to play but they wouldn’t let him. I’m figuring he just gave up because he has lots of learning games at home that he loves and gets to play daily. So instead of trying to type he just blew it off because he could play a real game at home anyways. Dh(gotta love him he totally cheered me up) and I had a discussion and perhaps if we ever have more children no one’s name will be longer than 3 letters. That should make the whole 3 year old typing mastery thing a lot easier.

Preschool Power

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We’ve discovered the magic of Preschool Power thanks to OnDemand. Preschoool Power is a series of videos showing children performing various Montessori tasks.

EbonyBoy finds the videos slightly interesting- they are pretty much 80s in appearance so don’t expect anything flashy or modern looking. But they have some great ideas for activities that children who are really into “helping” would enjoy. (by “helping” I mean they demand to assist in every task no matter how much they slow down the actual process lol) We incorporated activities into our day- including letting EBoy make toast for breakfast and put on his own jam, he then set the table and washed his dishes once he was done.

Water is a big activity in Montessori and I really need to get my hands on a little pitcher for him to use as well as some clear plastic jars/containers(Ikea here we come). We improvised with some different sized jars. He filled the jars, added food coloring and worked with mixing the various colors together. He had a blast and keeps asking when he can play with colors again.

I’m by no means a Montessori instructor or anything but I definitely how Preschool Power showed detailed ideas for the principles I’ve read about in Montessori books. I just found out Netflix has the full videos of Preschool Power (the OnDemand showingsare actually just little snippets) and we should our first dvd arriving sometime soon.

Montessori Homeschool

A friend and I have been researching doing homeschool preschool for our boys. The Montessori information I’ve found online so far has been pretty overwhelming because there’s so many different approaches. Hopefully we’ll be able to skim through it all soon and come up with an action plan- we hope to schedule out a lesson plan to start teaching this summer.

I will be compiling some of the information that I find here to hopefully assist in the process. If you have any tips/experience please share.

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