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18 Weeks

Week 18 has reinforced just how grateful I am for my chiropractor. My pelvic pain returned with a vengeance so I went back to my chiropractor and told her to be more agressive so I can walk without waddling. She quickly fixed me up and I am so appreciative of her skills!

Overall I’m feeling like the whole sinus thing has taken a step back a few weeks, if I never spit again it won’t be too soon. I’ve been getting a few side projects wrapped up for some clients and it does feel great to get some work accomplished. I just so look forward to being able to return to a regular shooting schedule.

Food has been pretty difficult for me this week. Nothing sounds especially wonderful and I don’t have much of an appetite. Nice because I am steering clear of eating junk but not so good since I know I need to be getting a tad more protein than I have. Milk is still a favorite drink though and I’ve added grape juice to my regular beverages.

Next week is ultrasound week and though I tell myself I’ll be happy either way I am starting to feel a teensie bit nervous. I’m trying to focus on the positive and looking forward to my Mom getting to come with me to see one of my babies via ultrasound for the first time ever. I’ve also still been on my movie kick and this documentary on the American Drug War truly blew my mind. Eventually I’m hoping to come out of the pregnancy fog enough to write about just how deep of an impact the facts presented have on my life but until then I just strongly encourage everyone to watch it.

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