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Cell Phone Blues

Why is it that Mommies don’t grow an extra arm or two in the process of pregnancy? Lord knows we certainly could use the extra help. Today I took the boys out with a friend and her little boy to run a couple of errands. My dear EbonyBaby decided he was not happy with his carseat and was yelling, at the same time my mom calls, I’m trying to park at a store to see if they have a sling, and we’re listening to the demands of 2 lovable but pushy 2 year olds. I’ve learned that I just can’t exist outside my home without my sling and its not something I ever leave home without so I couldn’t believe I forgot it today. During this process I somehow misplaced my cell phone. Doesn’t sound too major right? Unfortunately I’m one of those people that uses my cell phone period. My house phone isn’t even plugged in right now (EbonyBoy was playing with the phone a couple of months ago and misplaced the chord somewhere and I haven’t missed it one bit). So I’m now without a source of communication other than email!

Funny enough though I’m not too stressed about the whole thing I’m calling my friend to see if the phone might have gotten into her son’s car seat since I was taking him out the car when I was mentally juggling too much stuff at once to attempt to get into the store. I do have a backup phone but there’s quite a few numbers that will be gone right down the drain.

I did get a very nice Maya wrap though and I can’t get over how much cooler it is than the Nojo sling I usually use. I’m so excited to have a new sling for the warm weather and our upcoming trip to Texas! :)

This is the exact fabric from the Maya Wrap website:

I never would have chosen it by viewing it online but its a bit nicer in person. Now i just need to get my hands on a black sling with the same type of fabric.

Montessori Homeschool

A friend and I have been researching doing homeschool preschool for our boys. The Montessori information I’ve found online so far has been pretty overwhelming because there’s so many different approaches. Hopefully we’ll be able to skim through it all soon and come up with an action plan- we hope to schedule out a lesson plan to start teaching this summer.

I will be compiling some of the information that I find here to hopefully assist in the process. If you have any tips/experience please share.

Easter Boys

Here are the Ebony Brothers in their Easter finest. We had a great time- early service at church followed by an Easter egg hunt and family gathering. EbonyBoy won a Chuckie Cheese visit in one of his Easter eggs- and thank goodness the Aunt that stuck the Chuckie Cheese card in the egg is the one who will be taking him. EbonyBaby just observed the fun in his usual relaxed manner.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how many m&ms one 2 year old can stuff into his mouth during a church service I believe EbonyBoy can answer that for you: just as many as you have on hand!

2 Legit 2 Nap

EbonyBoy decided to go into full tantrum mode for his nap today. I guess you can say I’m mellowing out as a mom now that I can actually find humour in his more trying moments. Instead of napping he decided to yell and scream so his nap got taken in his own bed instead of in our master bed like he typically does. To voice his complaints he decided to climb out of his bed, scream and stomp in place as quickly as possible. Well my son does one of the best MC Hammer impersonations I’ve seen to this day and he doesn’t even know who MC Hammer is! He’s definitely 2 legit- but I’m happy to say he finally settled down and is now taking a nice long nap.

I personally still remember the nap time struggles I had with my own mother. My solution to actually sleeping during naptimes was to try to lay there as long as possible, rub my eyes so that I would look like I’d been sleeping and announce to her what a greatnap I’d had. Needless to say she rarely fell for my preschool attempts at evading naptime but I never was one for giving up. I need to call her and thank her for her patience with me back then which I can finally appreciate.

Want some chicken with that?

Woke up one morning to a peaceful house and couldn’t find EbonyBoy. After searching high and low I finally found him quietly snuggled in his playhouse tent with his sticky little fingers coated in fajita mix. He was neatly eating it from the packet one finger at a time. I guess he needed a little spice in his life? :)

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