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Costco You Are My Only Hope

EDad and I were quite adventurous this weekend. We decided to take EBoy and friends to Costco for a little shopping. We were actually successfully able to get a 4-year, 3-year, 2-year, and 7 month old to have a fun and uneventful visit to the wholesale warehouse. All of the free samples helped quite a bit.

EBoy insisted on trying on this Darth Vadar mask- I thought of editing out the red eye but I think it makes him much more sinister and Darth-like:

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I have pictures of everyone in our little group but since I haven’t shared with most of my friends about this blog (I still haven’t decided if/when I should do so) I’m not comfortable putting up pics of the children. I’m still a bit shy but the new friends I’ve met through blogexplosion are really making me feel a lot more comfortable with sharing.


EBaby and I are still recovering from this cold/bug/allergy thing we have currently. One of the worst things any mother will encounter is having to hold their small infant as they cough- it just makes his whole little body shiver. We seem to be at the end of the cold though I’m hoping this will be the last sickies for awhile - EBoy had it first and made a full recovery a couple of days ago.

Being well would be especially nice because I’m actually developing a life here! Shocking right? I have a sorority sister who is visiting during the day on Friday, Mom’s night out that evening, then a family get together on Saturday. I’ve also found that one of the Moms in my mom’s group lives really close to me and get this our husbands TALKED! I mean they really talk and enjoy each other which is rare because my dear EDad is more techy and into video games than he is into the latest football game. This friend’s husband is very much the same and even works in the same job field doing the same work as EDad!!! I just sat there doing an internal happy dance because my husband might actually finally have someone that he can talk to and understand.

Now I’m just kicking myself for not talking more with her earlier- we’ve always “clicked” but for some reason things would always get busy and I never had much time to talk to her in the past. She even works out at the exact same gym that I go to- so we’re putting together a workout plan so we can go together. Everything is working out so nicely you just never know who God is going to place in your life but she seems to be there at exactly the right time.

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