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Merry Christmas

From the Ebony family to yours- hope your Christmas was extra merry!

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Holiday Friends

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We had a very special present this week. My goddaughter and her sister were able to come spend time with us. The two girls are 6 (turning 7 in January) and 4 and an absolute joy. Because they are driving (I still can’t believe anyone would actually drive from Atlanta to Arizona whew) to Phoenix for Christmas this will be our first time not getting to see them on Christmas day so it was great to get to hang out with them.

I really credit our little friends for socializing EBoy. He went through many interesting phases fairly early on including full blown tantrums by 14 months or so and hitting/pushing episodes by 16 months. One summer the girls were in my care and he went through quite a transformation- suddenly losing the humor in watching other children fall and found the fun and fullfillment one gets from having friends. He’s very social for the most part and constantly wants friends to play with. I was too tickled to listen to all of their conversations. My goddaughter (the 4 year old) pretty much worships the ground her sister walks on- I love seeing their close relationship and hope my boys can turn out as best friends instead of enemies.

Here is the trio altogether while they were performing a show for me this afternoon- Mrs. Santa, Rudolph, and Batman:

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After EBoy watched “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” he begged me every day to go and see Santa. We finally made a journey to the local mall to get some Santa time- and EBoy had a major meltdown once we got to the front of the line (it was a short line too!) Santa tried to talk to him but EBoy just yelled no, he did NOT want to speak to Santa. He now tells me he does not like Santa or the idea of having to sit on his lap to talk to him. I don’t remember being particularly fond of the whole sitting on Santa’s lap thing as a child, but I definitely got over it to mention gifts that I wanted. We’ll see if EBoy changes his mind next year.

Growing Wishes

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“I want him to be bigger and to get big legs like me so we can play, and fun and sleep in my room with me” EBoy explaining why he can’t wait for EBaby to grow up.

Fridge Meme

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I love this pic- vintage EBoy back in our apartment in Seattle. We kept our little fridge stuffed to the gills- look at all the Trader Joe’s products (oh Trader Joe’s how I miss thee!)


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List 10 items that can always be found in your fridge at any given time on your blog. Copy and paste the directions on your weblog and tap 3 people to name 10 things that can always be found in their own fridge.

1. Organic milk (usually 1% or 2%)
2. Soy yogurt
3. Wheat bread
4. Apples
5. Swiss cheese
6. Butter
7. Grape Jelly
8. Apple Juice
9. Onions
10. Lemon

I’m tapping Kenya, Hannah, and Fi - I’m just nosey and curious about your refrigerators :)

Party Animals

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Said the bear to the lion- your mane sure is fluffy. Said the lion to the bear- yes and my eyes are brown just like a puma! (EBoy told me about his puma eyes this morning- I’m still not quite sure what that means)

We have a new milestone that we’re quite pleased about- EBaby finally likes water! Bathtime has not been a fun experience ever since EBaby got control of lifting himself up to a sitting position. We would spend all of his baths with him yelling and trying to escape his baby tub while we try to quickly scrub him clean while stopping him from daredevil diving off the countertop. A few days ago he cautiously entered the bathtub with his brother and started laughing with delight. He and EBoy have a grand time splashing and playing in the tub together and there’s no better recipe to get 2 completely yummy smelling and sleepy boys. Now if I could just convince them that sipping bathwater is not a tasty thing to do- yick.

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