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Dr. Ebony

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Dr EBaby (aka The Dentist of Love) hopes everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and remembered to brush those teeth after feasting on chocolates galore.

We’re still battling ear infections. Turns out both boys still have fluid in their ears so our pediatrician prescribed a new round of antibiotics. Hopefully they will finally be completely recovered soon. They are both in great spirits though and I have yet to see a fever which keeps making me feel like they should be all better.

Hope everyone did have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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Dr. Google

Doctor Doctor

Oh how I heart Dr. Google. Turns out I was on the nose and I do have a gan*glion cyst. I went to see an Orthopedic doctor today and his recommendation was to just try to massage it as much as possible and hope it goes away. Sometimes they recur but other times they never come back. It feels a lot better and the swelling has gone down considerably. I can touch it without much pain now but yesterday it felt like my whole arm was an explosion of pain.

Kether sorry he didn’t have any other kind of good information- but I’m going to talk to a friend who is studying accupuncture about going to see both a Chinese herbalist and an accupuncture practitioner if it does return. I’ll also be sure to ask if she can ask at her school what sort of treatments are typically done in Eastern medicine.

A Note to my CardioDance Instructor

College Greeks

Dear Teacher,
yes you are cute and an incredibly great dancer but could you please refrain from forcing me to go through the dance routine with you when I am already giving a fairly good rendition of the routine. 20 men were just randomly loitering behind me in a *packed* to capacity dance class you could have picked any of them to force to do the routine for you c’mon! Dude its really embarrassing and I’ll make sure to steer as far away from you as possible in the future.

Thank you
Unnamed Dance Class member way way far in the back for a REASON

*whew* Ok now that that’s off my chest let me tell you about my new fun cardio activity- dancing! My gym has had this class for years and its always full. Not just a little full but think at least 100 people packed into one room to workout together. I went for the first time this week and I started having flash backs to college. Basically the dance being taught was more like greek stepping. So needless to say the hour I stayed in the class (the class goes for 2 full hours) went be incredibly fast and I was literally pouring sweat. I’m more of a glistener so for anything to really make me sweat is amazing. The memories of step shows I’ve participated in as well as the many many parties my linesisters and I attended through the years just came flooding back as everyone stepped together (it was so cool- and I heard many a greek doing understated versions of their calls as the pace picked up). I definitely feel every muscle in my legs today- I think I’ll be going back for sure in the very near future. The worst part about the teacher pointing me out is my knee was starting to get sore on me so I’d slowed down a bit (blew out my knee while practicing for a step show years ago and it still has its moments) but I swear I was right with everyone even with the slow down.

If you haven’t guessed I’ve been keeping up with my daily working out. Today I developed what I think (after consulting Dr. Google) is a gan*glion cyst and unfortunately its directly located in a painful spot on my inner wrist. I’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow to find out what course of action to take. Even with my painful wrist I still made it to the gym today for some time on the elliptical. I’m pretty sure the cyst is from overusing my wrist between doing spinning classes, increasing my weights in weight training, and constantly picking up a teething 1 year old.


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Our visit to Chattanooga was so relaxing and enjoyable. We got to spend lots of time at one of our favorite places ever- the Chattanooga Children’s Museum I’ve been to a few Children’s Museums in various states and this one is by far the best I’ve seen yet. We even have a membership there even though we live in another state, its just that awesome. The above picture is actually on the rooftop of the Museum. They have a full play area up there with lots of kinetic motion sculptures that demonstrate different machines for the children to play with.

EbonyBoy *loves* hotels. Not just a little bit- but the child actually cried when it was time to leave because he just wants to stay in hotels forever. The nicest thing was the trip there was so easy since he’d sit for any amount of time in the car if it means he gets to go to a hotel.

The boys lounging out in the hotel room:
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EBoy having a blast in the waterplay area of the Children’s Museum:

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EBaby trying to figure out how to make some bubbles:

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I witnessed a most amazing feat this morning. EBaby walked over to a box of kleenex and instead of his usual favorite game of pull all the kleenex out and dance in them he just grabbed one. He then sat down and proceeded to blow his nose into said kleenex. I stood there and just watched in shock- how on earth did he learn this so early? So now instead of the usual torturous wrestling smackdown to wipe his nose all I have to do is hold a kleenex to his nose and ask him to blow and he does it.

Its amazing how quickly subsequent children pick things up, the only thing I can think of is that he’s been watching his brother and somehow learned it(and EBoy has literally only been blowing his nose for a few months now). Or maybe he’s been reading the above artwork by EBoy that we have hanging in our sunroom- can’t beat educational paper plate art!

We also have two other new developments- signing and dancing. I’ve been working on at least teaching him the sign for milk and today he finally did it! Well, he’s done it before but usually he just does the sign while he’s nursing so I was proud to have him ask. Yesterday EBoy and I were jamming out to some of my workout music and when Stevie Wonder came on (”What The Fuss” is currently EBoy’s favorite song) EBaby started stomping his little foot and bouncing up and down. Talk about moments to make a Momma’s heart just melt.

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