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1st Blogiversary

1st Blogiversary

It’s my first blogiversary today an I can’t believe how fast the year went by. I’ve tried starting blogs for years now but this is the first one that actually started and continued to be regularly used. It’s so funny thinking back because around this time last year I was wondering if we should sell our house and move- now its all coming to reality, God really does prepare you for what you need to move forward next in life.

I had a wonderful chat yesterday with Faith (thanks again Faith- you helped and blessed me in so many ways I couldn’t even begin to explain) and told her how for awhile I had to really step back from my blog. I began to get so caught up in worrying if people would like what I wrote, or want to comment, or even ever want to return to read again that just creating an entry became a big emotional chore for me. Now I feel like I’ve regained a bit more calm and realized that if I don’t blog whatever makes me happy then I shouldn’t be blogging at all.

Thanks to those of you who have stopped by and who continue to stop by, it truely means a lot to me. I’m also quite grateful for all of the new blog friends I’ve been blessed to meet over the last year, and can’t wait to see what this next year brings along.

Home Again

EbonyMommy ©2006

We’ve returned from Texas- successful and not so successful in other ways. We signed a contract for a lovely house to be built. Picked our lot and were all ready to go and now that we’re here back in Georgia found out that not only is a huge lighted athletic facility (read HUGE blinding stadium lights) being built across the street, the house could not fit on the lot we picked. That lot was the only one not directly facing the local water tower so we were suddenly back to the drawing board.

Thankfully on our last day in Dallas we met with a realtor that EbonyDad had run into on a previous trip. She was great and found out that there was one builder that actually had gorgeous homes available in the community we thought we were outpriced from. So after talking details and options- it looks like we are going to get an even nicer home in a great community (we aren’t in the million dollar home neighborhood but they are right next door :) ). The above picture is one of the model homes we were looking at. I wish I had gotten some pics of the actual houses we were viewing by the builder we’re going to use but I’m sure I’ll have some in the future. Oh and you California people (*hint*hint* you know who you are) there are Cali folx moving in droves to Dallas because the above house is so affordable they can easily sell a California house and buy a huge gorgeous home plus an investment property.

EBaby and I both got a lovely case of Texas allergies. We were out for the count most of the way back to Georgia (I apologize to anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth or Atlanta airports we may have sneezed or cough on) and I’m now finally feeling better. The most shocking news of all is I made it in to the gym today for the first time since I left. I took the entire 10 days off- didn’t eat the way I knew I should and didn’t get any real exercise, and somehow this beautiful, magnificent gym scale said I lost 3 pounds!!! I still can’t believe it but I’m going to take it for what its worth and get right back on the health trail.

EBoy had a complete reversion in his potty training (poop, poop why have thou forsaken us!) but returning home seems to have things back on track. I’m hoping and praying that being home will have things back to normal.

Now to start prepping for the garage sale and final decluttering. If you have garage sale tips please bring them on!

Texas Hunt

Don't Mess With Texas

We’re in Texas narrowing down our house search. It looks like we have a good idea of the area and community we are going to build in so prayerfully we’ll be finalizing things later on today. EBoy is in heaven since we are living in a hotel and EBaby is having a blast getting into as much as possible in our room (note- make sure to ask for a room with microwave above waist level, microwave that is eye level to a toddler is not a good idea).

All of my worries and nervousness about not “fitting in” with my college friends and family here was for nothing- its been nothing but love and excitement with everyone happy to spend time with us. Now I just can’t wait to get the old house sold so we can move on to our next adventure in life. If anyone has tips on staging a house please let me know, while I love design shows (I’m an official HGTV addict and have been for years) I can’t seem to actually put anything into real life motion. I contacted an interior designer who does real estate staging consultations but I think I’m going to also post some pics of the house here to see if anyone can give me some tips on direction. We won’t be back in Atlanta for another week so if things are quiet around here you know why!

Tantrum Time

EbonyMommy ©2006

My little EBaby is blossoming in a lot of new ways. He’s officially begun the tantrum stage- if you try to lead him where he doesn’t feel he should go its instant limp body, head thrown back, yelling and kicking. I’ve got to start working with him on hand holding, etc. but when he does his little tantrum I can’t help but giggle. 20 pounds of chubby adorable baby just isn’t enough to really put the smackdown on anyone but don’t tell him that, he’s certain that he’s the boss of everything.

His other great love is the cell phone. You can find him at any time of day with a random toy held to his ear, with neck crooked jabbering away on the “phone.” Tonight he had EDad’s phone and was walking around chattering and smiling- I remarked to EDad how cute and happy he looked. Eventually he came over to me and I finally noticed there was actually a voice coming out of the phone- he’d called his aunt! Oops. He really seemed to enjoy his conversation with her though, we were just happy that he didn’t call dh’s boss lol.

Bible Thumper

The Children\'s Illustrated Bible

This morning I was awoken at 6:45 am by a smiling EbonyBoy standing 3 inches from my face with his Bible in his hand requesting that I read a Bible story to him. Actually it was more of a demand and he specifically wanted to read the Serpent story (Adam and Eve). His current favorites are David and Goliath, Samson, Jonah, and Adam & Eve. While I am thrilled with my son’s new found excitement about the Bible which is his favorite book ever(and let me give credit where it is due, its primarily thanks to his daily activities at school which I am eternally greatful for)- I never expected to have my own little Bible thumper carrying around the good book and demanding my recitation on command. I wonder if this is what going to seminary feels like.

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