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Wacky Tag

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Since I’ve been tagged (thanks Hallie and Nicole) twice I decided to go ahead and try to do this one. Naming 6 weird facts/habits about myself

1. I know a million children’s Bible songs. My family went through a couple of different religious experiences while I was growing up and one of the most memorable was our time in the Church of Christ. We rode the Joy Bus to church a couple of times a week and sang the whole way there and the whole way back. Its amazing all the things that children can learn through music- I still remember the books of the Bible thanks to the songs as well as just about every Biblical character EBoy comes home from school discussing. EDad finds my songs hilarious since some of them are a little special :)

2. I am not a fan of romance films/books. While its lovely to live in a land of fantasy at times I find the obsession with romance (particulary in today’s world where people meet, fall in love and sleep together within the first 12 hours of knowing one another) quite disheartening. I grew up hoping for that sort of love and while I adore the husband that I have I am thankful that our romance was based on friendship rather than some hyped up Hollywood facade.

3. I love reading manuals. Whenever we get a new gadget I sit down and read the whole thing from cover to cover while EDad just shakes his head.

4. My current favorite food is brussel sprouts (fresh ones ONLY- no soggy frozen ones) steamed with a bit of garlic and then drizzled with flaxseed oil

5. My high school class has never had a reunion and probrably never will. As you know I was an army brat growing up and attended a military high school. Planning a reunion is hard when everyone (and their parents) are now scattered all over the world. I can’t lie, even if they have one I wouldn’t attend anyways.

6. I taught myself how to drive a stick. I bought an older manual transmission jeep when we lived in New York. I picked it up, got minimal instructions from the old owner and then proceeded to drive to DC. Never had a single issue after that (I loved that jeep- still miss it!)

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Still a Sweetheart

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33 years ago today a sweet, tiny, precious baby was born and even though he’s no longer tiny he still has the sweetest, kindest most loving heart and spirit I’ve ever been blessed to know. Happy Birthday EDad- thank you for being everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.

House Update

The house actually has framing now!

We’ve been busily selecting our future home’s interior accents from the design center. Here’s some of the items we’ve chosen:

Front door selection:

front door

our doorknobs(in the middle):


Kitchen sink:


hardwood floors:

Kitchen tile, backsplash, and granite countertop selections:

Its been fun picking out things for the house- especially since EDad and I are on the same wavelength so we truely like the same look. Not sure about the whole granite countertop thing because you have to seal it every 6 months so that might be changing for silestone.

***For all those concerned in the last post- EBoy was actually laughing in that final picture and EBaby was just holding his head, nothing malicious happening there :)

Best Buds

Heaven is having your very own little brother to play with. I was unsure about the whole having more than one child thing right up until I found out I was pregnant with EBaby but now I wouldn’t have things any other way. My favorite thing right now is watching my two babies grow into caring, understanding brothers.

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Jazzy Boy

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EBoy really loves music and has a pretty good memory for lyrics. Because he picks up things so quickly I’ve given up most of the contemporary music I used to listen to in favor of smooth jazz. Its calming, has a lot of the older music that I like anyways, plus doesn’t have any lyrical content that I have to be worried about him picking up. I never expected EBoy to become a jazz afficianado. He can sing the melody (and harmony) to many of the songs and knows distinctly what he likes as soon as it starts (even if there’s no lyrics). This is his current playlist:

Coolness Walter Beasley
Stiched Up Herbie Hancock ft. John Mayer
Isn’t She Lovely Stevie Wonder
Softly as In a Morning Sunrise George Benson
Do You Remember Earth, Wind and Fire
What’s the Fuss Stevie Wonder

It’s quite fun seeing him develop his own tastes and preferences. EBoy has always been naturally inclined towards music and jazz seems to be helping that even further. I’m amazed at how on key he is while he sings and just how much he remembers. I just hope he’s not mad at us when he gets older and realizes what sort of music we’ve gotten him into. Somehow when I see him walking around singing all the words to “Yah Mo Be There” I have a feeling he’s not going to be too happy with us in a few years. :)

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