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Baby Books

Reading with Babies, Toddlers, and Two\'s

I was recently asked to review this very interesting little book and was so happy to be offered the opportunity. Reading with Babies, Toddlers, and Two\’s is a small book jammed with tons of very useful information. The book provides very comprehensive viewpoints about early reading from a range of sources from statistical to personal Mom experiences. Its not just a list of books, it establishes a foundation for why, what, and how reading is signifigant from the earliest part of your child’s life. It gives direction on different approaches to books with your little ones and is small enough to easily carry around and reference when you are looking for some new fun book ideas (or themes) for the tiny people in your life.

I plan on incorporating this book as a baby shower gift idea- I can completely see giving a new Mom a this along with few favorite infant books to plant the seed for a future of literary enjoyment. We adore books in our house and thanks to this special book I’m finding new, interesting ways to enhance the reading in our daily life.

The Big 3-0


Today is my birthday! No I’m not turning 30 (that was a couple of years ago) but as of today I can officially claim I am down 30 pounds from my starting weight in January! Can’t think of a better birthday present to myself. How did I celebrate? Started off this morning with a trip to my lovely massage therapist for a 1 hour massage and then headed to a spinning class with one of my favorite instructors (now I can’t stop singing about my lovely lady lumps). No big plans for today since my birthday gift is a trip by myself to hang out with some girlfriends. I still can’t believe I’ll actually be able to exist for 2 days without being at the bidding of any little people for the first time in several years now.

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend, we definitely plan to enjoy this great weather.

I Came, I Caulked, I Conquered


I think I’m developing a problem. Now that I’ve learned the beauty (and ease) of caulking I can’t help but to want to caulk everything! Bathtubs? check. Kitchen sink? check. Door frames? check. I’ve been eyeing EBaby’s barn- it seems so drafty a good caulking could be in order.

For years I’ve been obsessed with watching all sorts of home improvement and interior design shows but for the first time I’m actually doing some of the stuff myself! I just hate it took trying to sell this house for me to finally start making improvements. I’ve had friends to tell me how much they enjoy painting and now I can finally say its pretty relaxing and rewarding all at the same time. My Bob Villa-ness is in full swing and I can’t be stopped!

The ball is *finally* rolling on getting our house on the market (had to wait for final relocation information before we could start) so hopefully it will sell in record time so we’ll be all ready for the new house. Now, off to do some more caulking painting.


Ninja Turtle

I was driving my Goddaughter (5) to school with EBaby and EBoy in tow and overheard the following conversation:

EBoy: When I grow up I’m going to be a ninja turtle so I can be a hero and fight
Goddaughter: You can’t be a ninja turtle!
EB: yes I can
GD: no you can’t- kids can’t grow up to be turtles only turtles can be turtles
EB: oh, well then maybe I’ll be a firefighter
GD: you can be a ninja firefighter
EB: I’ll be a ninja firefighter and I can fight and destroy bullies and protect my Mommy!

Treating me nice is no longer an option- its a requirement unless you want to feel the wrath of my ninja firefighter turtle :)

Germ Guilt

EbonyMommy ©2006

Both boys have caught a virus, thankfully they are recovering well and things didn’t get too bad (only one throw up incident) but its been a little draining taking care of everyone while EDad is out of town working. I can’t help but to have guilt about them getting sick because I feel partially to blame- I’ve been taking them to indoor play areas lately even though I know EBaby is probrably still too young since he insists on examining every slide and playfigure with his mouth. Lesson learned, we’ll be staying out of those places until he’s a bit older and less likely to want to lick playard mesh.

It’s warm enough now that we shouldn’t have to do the indoor thing anyways- I have to admit it was awfully convenient to take them indoors since neither one will really eat fast food anyways I didn’t have any problem utilizing the contained play places without the worry of them wanting to injest junk. We still wound up getting junk though, its part of the second child syndrome I suppose. With EBoy I was so paranoid about germs and such I wouldn’t take him within 40 yards of an indoor playarea. Anytime he was in a grocery cart I was careful to swab the whole thing down with antibacterial wipes before letting him touch it (he was also a very oral sort of baby and would even get around grocery cart covers) and kept him sanitized like he was being prepped for surgery any moment. Germaphobe Mommy had been relaxed quite a bit with the time it takes to run after two kiddos instead of one but she’s now back with full lysol toting vengance!

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