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You might be a design junkie…

…if you start cross referencing articles with design shows and now recognizing the same people on hgtv.  Yep, I’ve definitely got a problem.  A recovery program might be in order, but not until I figure out how to decorate our new house.

Working It Off


After much success last year unfortunately I’m right back at the same weight I started. Instead of getting frustrated and angry at myself (my usual first response) I’ve decided to get back into action with my eating and working out.

The Discovery National Body Challenge has given me a free 2 month membership to Bally’s so in this in between living situation I’ve been able to go to the gym and return to spinning. The 7 months of not working out has undone all of the spinning strength I had acquired so I’m walking like a cowboy and sitting in the saddle has been a very sore experience.

Leaving my old gym in Atlanta has definitely been harder on me than I imagined. I felt so comfortable there, working out with folx that looked like me. In my spinning class the other night not only was I bigger than every woman in the room I was also much wider than all of the men! Add in the heavy metal music the spinning instructor was using and I was in for a very hard workout (in case your wondering no there was no beat whatsoever to follow- I’ve never done spinning with no beat).

I realize that my body image has to come from me and I can’t compare myself to others, but this is definitely becomming a major flashback moment to my youth. Reaching my full height (and wearing a C cup) by the 5th grade certainly made the scales tip much heavier than the vast majority of girls at my school. No one ever called me fat(I was downright skinny looking at old pictures) but I was so invisible for so many years that it was not hard to imagine that people thought that of me.This will not force me to stop my current commitment to work out.

But I will forever miss the gym where you could see big buff black men checking out everyone that walked through (including each other), sista girls working out on the ellipticals with do-rags in place to keep their hair wrapped and fresh, my spinning classes with everything from disco to jayz played to keep you pumping, and my always stepping greek fest of a hiphop dance class.I’ll definitely be checking out some new gyms here in the immediate future. I don’t know which was more painful, my sore behind or trying to spin to heavy metal. I’m working this behind off if it kills me(and my ears).

Dream Poet

Malcolm X

Growing up I had a very strong cultural identity thanks to the influence and teachings of my parents. One of the most poignant memories I have is my first moment of true black outrage.

When in high school we received very little information about Black Americans in history courses except for the small references to Martin Luther King. I don’t remember them really do any sort of focus even for Black History Month. My American History book had two paragraphs about civil rights. One briefly refered to Martin Luther King. The other was maybe two sentences about Malcolm X.

The Malcolm X paragraph referred to him as a militant fascist and nothing more. I took the statements as fact until later that year I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X. I then finally understood why my parents were so dilligent about my brother and I learning black history and reading books on our own. My history book grossly misrepresented Malcolm and all he stood for. So I was not only outraged and upset by reading of all that Malcolm endured through his life but even more outraged by the soiling of his memory by this ignorant book publisher.
New resources for teaching and researching our history is of key importance to me so I was very happy to run across a new project by Target. Maya Angelou and several of other my favorite poets are featured in this new campaign: Maya Angelou Dream in Color

Very nice resource for Black History Month or all year long.

2 Years Old

EbonyMommy ©2007

Dear EBaby,

Today is your second birthday and I can’t think of a more special boy to have a special day. You have continued to be our angel baby even though you are rapidly becomming a boy. Rest assured you will always be my baby though.

EbonyMommy ©2007

You have the funniest spirit and love to tell “jokes”. Usually involving spinning around or peek a boo but you always do the best belly laugh after entertaining us. Your smile radiates and we can’t help but smile when we see your sweet face.

EbonyMommy ©2007

On the other side of things your favorite phrase is LET GO! Said in a loud and gritting voice. It started as a way for you to command toys from your brother or cousins but now also includes any time you don’t want to be stopped from doing whatever your latest escapade is. I’d like to say that I do a good job reprimanding you for it, but to tell you the truth it cracks me up everytime you try to command us around. Even your brother can’t help but give in to your whims.

EbonyMommy ©2007

Everyone remarks just how much you look like your Daddy. This thrills me to no end not only because you and he have the exact same dimple but also because your spirit is just like his. Calm, easygoing and loveable even in the roughest times. But also like your Daddy while you love intensely you are also intensely determined no matter what task is at hand.

EbonyMommy ©2007I sing to you often and just a week ago you started singing back. You run up to me hold your arms up and say “babbbeeee, babbeeee” just like I sing Mama’s baby to you. I was even more surpised when we heard this song and suddenly you started singing babeeee babeeee right after Alicia Keys. You also give a great rendition of we will rock you.

Your stong but carefree spirit is something that has taught me so much. The last half of your second year we’ve been through quite a bit- a new move to Texas, losing a house, selling a house and finding a new one but through it all nothing is as important as singing and dancing and loving every minute of life we’ve been blessed with.
Happy birthday my sweet angel baby,your birth was one of the best days of my life thank you for teaching us just how beautiful love can be.

Deja Vu

We seem to have arrived at a full circle point in life. I rushed around this afternoon doing the final straightening up before leaving the house so that a realtor could arrive to show the house. I felt bit of panic until I realized this time we’re not actually selling anything.

We’ve made the plunge and are building a new house. It will be comleted within the next couple of weeks so this rental house is being shown so that the owner can get a new family in here. Things really have worked out incredibly. Not only do we love this new house far more than the first house we built, but our lovely mortgage company has come up with an interest rate which defies my wildest dreams. The roller coaster looks like its finally slowing down and I can not wait to get off!

Our new kitchen with delicious handscraped hardwood floors that I want to cuddle and love and hug and whisper sweet nothings to:

EbonyMommy ©2007

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