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Where the Punchline Actually Makes Sense

EbonyBoy: “Why did the banana have to go to the doctor?”

EMommy: “I don’t know why?”

EbonyBoy: “Because he didn’t peel so good!”


I’m not one for much tv and have never given a thought to trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy but with all of the hooplah surrounding Isaiah Washington all I can remember is one of the first major movie roles that I ever saw him in. Ironic, no?


crate and barrel look

Here are some of the kitchens from our model home tour


Send in the Babysitters


Positive Discipine has been a major asset in my parenting bag of tools. Reading Mrs. J’s recent evaluation of some new disciplining options reminded me of my recent forray into the discipline darkside. The boys and I were on our way home in the car when EBoy started having a major tantrum because we passed by a Toys R Us and he really wanted to go inside.

Never mind that it was pouring rain and cold outside his mind was made up that we were going to go there and he wasn’t hearing anything else. I gently asked him to calm down and that we’d do something fun once we got home to no avail- when I had a phone call come in from our realtor. When he still carried on I finally resorted to what is probrably one of my worst parenting moments yet. I threatened him.

I pulled out the one thing he hates more than anything else. I told him unless he quieted down immediately I was going to drive him directly to a babysitter, a clown babysitter and leave him there. His protests and anger instantly became silent so I could finish my phone call. I finished my call and then noticed him still sitting perfectly still and silent in his car seat.

There’s nothing worse to EBoy than getting left anywhere. He used to at least be fine going to play with my goddaughters (actually he’d scream and cry when it was time to go home he loved visiting their home so much) but right around 4 years old he reverted to his old severe attachment anxiety.

Combine that with his severe hatred of all things clown related (can’t blame him on that one, they give me the heebie jeebies too) and I definitely struck a chord even in his tantrum induced state. He spoke very calmly

“Mommy there’s no clown babysitters are there?”

“Oh yes Eboy there’s a big group of clown babysitters and unless you start calming down I’m going to take you to some!”

“Mommy I’m not going to do that anymore. I promise.”

Using your child’s own phobias against them has got to be against every positive/gentle disciplining technique out there. I have sworn to never pull that one out again, I’m not trying to drive the kid into therapy (well at least not any more therapy than whatever he’s already going to need from life). Maybe if I let him slap a clown a few times he’ll forgive me for my parenting wrong.

Water Works

A couple of days ago I noticed EBaby walking around with wet hands, nothing unusual with his whole belief system that his hands are the greatest cleaning tools on the face of the earth. If he spills anything he instantly places his hands in said liquid and wipes them back and forth vigorously, which disperses the liquid wonderfully but does nothing for the cleaning process. I watched him head back to his watering area and it turns out he was using water straight from the window. I walked around and found the same indoor rain and pools of liquid throughout the house.
Now I’m not exactly a construction expert but water inside the windows and pooling on windowsills does not seem to be a sign of great design. We’ve contacted the landlord that owns this home (did I mention its a brand new house, and we’re the first people to ever live in it?). Definitely makes me greatful that we did not purchase a home from the builder that did this house, they used to be tops on our list but no longer.

This is a view of the inside of our bedroom window:

EbonyMommy ©2007

ETA: I just spoke with the realtor, she said that condensation inside windows is very normal this time of year. Ummm sure condensation but full fledged rain? I’m glad this is not my house!

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