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The Blogging Closet

Blogging has been an interest of mine for the last 7 years, and I’ve been regularly blogging for 6 years. My first blogs focused on my life and then pregnancy/infancy of EBoy and included pictures of our daily life, friends, family, and used our full real names. After some internet drama which made me very uneasy (nothing threatening, just finding out people weren’t as genuine as I thought) I stopped that particular blog and pondered on exactly what level of anonymity I would like for my blogging outlet.

The name I chose here is black focused of course- primarily because of the severe lack of african-american parenting sites I was able to find on the web. I blog to connect with other people like me and the relationships I’ve formed over the years have been wonderful. But now I keep toying with the idea of coming out of the blog closet.

You see, no one in my real life (at least that I know of) has any idea about my blog. It’s not like I ever bad mouth anyone here or spread malicious content, but what if for some reason I suddenly decide to need to vent or get real in a way that could leave someone’s feelings hurt? I just can’t seem to make the decision on whether or not to fully open this up or not.

I also mentally toy with the idea of posting names of people I’ve missed from my childhood/growing up. As a military brat I don’t have any connections that go back prior to college (with the exception of a few church friends but none of them went to the same schools). I’d love to hear from old acquaintances mainly because I mentally blocked out that part of my life for so many years just to cope with all of the dark and troubled times I experienced then. Now that I’m finally feeling stronger and healed I actually want to reconnect.

I still haven’t figured out what to do. What level of anonymity do you have on your blog? Does your extended family know about your blog? Do you keep a private journal whether paper or online for those things that you don’t want to share in your public blog space?

Should I come out of the blogging closet?

Magical Books

The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System (Magic School Bus)

EBoy was a bit of a late talker. It wasn’t that he couldn’t say a few words, he just chose to point (or cry) to what he wanted and wait until his wish was granted. Worked well for him, not so nicely for the parents, but we lived with it. My strong and silent type boy went from barely speaking to a flood of words by the time he turned 3. The talking has continued like a raging river ever since. He narrates much of our day and uses time driving in the car as a sort of continuous game show/inquisition/testing ground to ask me questions on any and everything that crosses his mind (and trust me his mind has LOTS of crossings it seems).

I was so grateful when I was thrifting one day (oh for those of my dear readers who I’ve never voiced this to before- EbonyMom is cheap! Very cheap and I love nothing more than a great thrift find) and found a few Magic School Bus books. We’ve seen the Magic School Bus

occasionally and enjoyed them immensely but I had never researched into the books which the show was based on. The books are marvelous and EBoy can’t get enough of reading them. Through thrift, ebay and amazon I’ve collected a very nice Magic School Bus library in our home. We read them daily and since both EDad and I are science geeks at heart they are actually fun for us as well.

The side effect that the books have brought into our house is sudden quiet time! EBoy will sit and look through his books or ponder what we’ve recently read instead of his usual barrage of questions. Its tied up his mind enough that he no longer quizzes me every time he steps foot in a car, we actually talk about other things since the books answer a lot of the questions he always has. Plus when he asks me something that I don’t know an immediate answer to- we can go home, open one of the books and figure it out pretty quickly.

The Magic School Bus has encouraged my son’s learning and added a bit of peace to my day. If only they made some sort of Magic School Toilet items to potty train my 2 year old, my life would be set!


I’m proud to present ETot’s very first hair care and beauty product review:

EbonyMommy ©2007

Garnier Fructis Fiber Hair Putty :

While this ultra hold hair putty smells very nice and holds hair well, it didn’t do much for moisturizing my skin, eyebrows, or clothing. The taste was not my cup of tea so I used a fresh clean sock to mask my tongue. It was very smooth and easy to spread on my skin and the carpet which made for a very enjoyable beauty experience. Great texture and color made this jar irresistable to my toddler sensibilities.

Overall I’d give it 3 stars out of 5. I’d bump it up to 4 stars if my parents wouldn’t have laughed so hard when they found my secret testing laboratory in their bedroom closet.

Thinking Blog Awards

Thank you to Latimer Williams who bestowed upon me my very first Thinking Blogger award. I appreciate the nomination especially from such a positive and uplifting writer who most definitely contributes a very thoughtful blog of his own.
As a recipient is my honor to award my own thinking bloggers:

1. Adrienne: This incredibly talented and skilled sewer, knitter, photographer and crafter extraordinaire encourages me to think beyond my own limitations in creativity. She inspires me in new ways each and every time I read her blog. Seeing her commitment to nurturing her own beautiful family encourages me in my own motherhood journey.

2. Words n Such: That Journalist will definitely keep you in the loop with whatever is new and current in the black entertainment world. Her thoughtful pieces have a journalistic edge that gives you a very clear peek into her future as a successful author and entrepreneur. Her wisdom and insight as a soon to be college grad inspire me to no end- a mother, wife, and writer who already has it all together at an age where I could barely tell up from down. Thank you for your dedication to your craft and ventures.

3. Paula Mooney: Paula is not one to hold back her true thoughts and opinions on her blog, which is an incredibly fresh change of pace. She is definitely a wiz when it comes to putting together marketing and profiting from online pursuits, and her openness in sharing her own successful techniques has been beneficial to me in more than one occasion. She is also a very talented writer, providing very insightful glimpses into her real life experiences, which leads me to look forward to reading her memoirs someday. I don’t always fully agree with her approach to some things (particularly the mention of my sorority) but her focus forces me to stretch my own mind to reach beyond what is comfortable or easy to address.

4. Why Black Women Are Angry: I recently discovered this blog and it blew my mind away. I’m not sure about who the author(s) of this blog are but they are addressing issues from a view which resonates deep within my spirit. The ideas examined on this blog are current but timeless, not just addressing the anger but coming to terms with and healing from so many things we all encounter. This blog will make you think.
5. Afrobella: Afrobella inspires me to be a better me. There are many beauty/hair/makeup blogs in the blogosphere but Afrobella addresses both the made up and completely natural side of our beauty as black women. She can dish the latest product finds while still providing deeply introspective and moving homage to our ancestors. This blog is more than skin deep, it inspires me to find my true inner beauty.

I am so grateful for the blogosphere and all of the support and education it provides. Thank you to all of you out there who are providing food for thought and uplifting the african-american community in the process.

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