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Family Fun

Fun Fam

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving sharing with family and friends. The win by A&M of our annual big football game was icing on the cake for an already festive time. I actually slowed down enough to try to capture a few group pictures of our entire family. Taking a picture with a sick and irritable 9 month old, busy bodied 2 year old, energetic 3 year old, and jokester 5 year old only added to the fun of the occasion. I swear it was a lot more fun than at sounds- can’t you tell by our enthusiasm? A friend took the pictures but I failed to ask her to wait to snap AFTER everyone was done saying whatever the latest phrase was to try to keep the little ones motivated. I almost like the outtakes better than our finished pictures- we look like we’re singing the happiest funniest Christmas carols ever :)

Mi Familia

Both pictures consist of my brother, his wife and 2 girls on the left, EDad and I with our 2 boys on the right and my parents right in the middle. And yes my 9 month old niece slept through most of the pictures as you can tell in the 2nd picture, poor thing is finally feeling better now.



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This year I am thankful for:

  • spending time with family
  • celebrating special moments with friends
  • watching my boys grow into caring kind individuals
  • the chance to pursue my dream
  • vintage EBoy pictures in turkey hats
  • sharing my life with wonderful blog friends like you

Hope you and yours have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving


I’ve been a fan of hiphop since before I can even remember. My Dad was very much a music connesiure and listened to everything from Curtis Blow to George Benson. Hiphop naturally grew and evolved just as I did in my life but EDad and I made a conscious decision once we had children to no longer listen to most mainstream music. Not only is most music just simply not appealing lately but the content of lyrics is so unpredictable even on the radio that we have chosen not to even expose our children to it. I tried to sample gospel hiphop and found that the music was so loud and hard to follow I couldn’t comprehend the lyrics or the beat. I feel like I’m officially over the hill when it comes to curent music.

Thankfully EDad and I have fairly diverse musical tastes thanks to early childhood exposure to not just mainstream r&b but also jazz, classical, and other musical influences. I was so thrilled when in the car today EBoy heard Softly as a Morning sunrise by the Michael Wolff trio and said “Mommy I like this music, it makes my brain feel good.” It makes my brain feel good too EBoy I’m so glad we can share a love of jazz with yet another generation. HipHop and I are no longer able to be close friends but at least jazz has held true for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Rockn’ Out

Music and education are excellent partners in the learning style of both of my children…
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