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Christmas Rewind

Christmas Sparkle

We had a very festive and fun Christmas with lots of times shared with our family. Here’s a few of the highlights in pictures:

Decorated Gingerbread House with friends:
In the House

Say Cheese there’s a new photographer in the family:
Say Cheese

Lego time:
Lego Time

Both boys got Spiderman bikes vroom vroom:

And of course nothing says Christmas like “helping” their aunt knit re-knit a scarf:


Our first Christmas in our Texas house was truly a blessing. Definitely looking to many more special holidays shared with family and friends.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Hope you and yours have a wonderfully Merry Christmas


I commonly get asked if I miss Atlanta since living here in Dallas. I’ve never once had to pause in my answer- no! Although Atlanta was a very interesting cultural experience and definitely led to some wonderful friendships there’s simply nothing in the world that compare to the hospitality of Texans.

I enjoyed the climate of both places as well as the affordability of real estate. However, there are a few things that I have found surprisingly different between my two suburban experiences. Here’s a list of experiences thus far:

1. In Atlanta our school carpool was overwhelmingly full of station wagons and minivans. In Texas? You’re more likely to see a Hummer in the carpool than you are a station wagon.

2. We had a multitude of stores surrounding our Atlanta subdivision including a variety of gas stations. In Dallas there’s more Starbucks in my immediate area(2 mile radius) than gas stations. Current count Starbucks: 5 Gas Stations: 1

3. Our Atlanta neighborhood would email concerns about youth vandalism. In Dallas the biggest controversy has been anger over parents dropping their children off to school in golf carts (yes I’m still giggling over the angry golf cart emails and no we do not own a golf cart)

4. The homeowners association in our Atlanta neighborhood sent out reminders of proper lawn maintenance and leaf collection. The homeowners association in Dallas sends out threatening letters if your lawn is not edged the way they want it edged.

5. In Atlanta people had lights in their yards as Christmas decorations. In Dallas every other yard is full to capacity with random inflatable Christmas creatures (I’m still waiting to see some sort of blow up reenactment a Christmas Story using reindeer and Hummers.)

I’m still enjoying Texas and the family factor makes it impossible to even compare how much more we enjoy Texas. Dallas is definitely different but I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

Discover Science


It’s no secret that science is very much loved in the Ebony Household. EBoy is always on a mission to learn more about all manner of
animal, invention, and process so the Discovery Channel Store Spark Talking Microscope was very enthusiastically welcomed for a new review by my budding scientist…

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Picture Perfect


Miniature things have always delighted me. So imagine my incredible amusement at receiving the completely cute and compact HP Photosmart A626 Compact Photo printer

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