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Tea Time

With the new year many become focused on ways to finally rid themselves of bad habits and get healthy. Whether you are looking to get back in shape or regain your focus for other areas of your life tea just might be the missing ingredient to attaining your goals. The Ultimate Tea Diet is a fresh new approach to health and weight loss based on the goodness of tea.
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Nerd Truth

I am nerdier than 65% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

My first year of college I had a wonderful time staying in the Honors dorm at my University. We were lovingly referred to as the LechNerds and being a nerd made that year so much fun in so many ways. Some might find it offensive to be labeled as a nerd, but when your high achieving dorm study buddies cheer you on to a 4.0 average in math and chemistry for the first year of engineering school you quickly learn being a nerd is not so bad.

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Facepainting Fun

Scorpion Face

EBoy really is growing up. For the last 2 years he’s absolutely refused any attempts or offers people have made for facepainting at various parties, festivals, and events we’ve attended. This weekend we were at the birthday party for the little girl of some family friends. They did an at home party but hired the most amazing facepainting artist to embellish all of the kids. EBoy jumped right in to get his face painted and marveled at his cool new scorpion.

ETot who is usually the first in line for anything involving paint (or getting messy) refused to have any part of the facepainting activities. He did however do his best to permanently attach himself to their little battery powered ATV:

4 Wheeling Fun

EBoy has now continually requested to have a birthday party at home this year and invite a facepainter. She also created the most elaborate balloon flowers I’ve ever seen for the girls. For the boys she made balloon swords and space guns which were a huge hit. Here he is having a trampoline sword fight with one of his very best buddies(note the matching balloon holsters she put around their waists):

Sword Fight!

Who says a princess party can’t be fun for boys? I’ll definitely be keeping the facepainter’s information handy just in case we copy this idea for a fabulous kid party.



The business of being a Mom never really stops or slows down.

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