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Today ETot and I made a quick trip to the grocery store. We stopped at the bakery on our way to the produce section and he was the recipient of a tasty easter cookie with sprinkles. I expected to have a nice peaceful journey through the store since he was sitting in his favorite drivable car cart with cookie in hand but our peaceful time was interupted by ETot’s outraged screams. THAT!!! THAT!! WANT THAT!!! He screamed and yelled as he threw his cookie down in anger. What was that? A new pile of peaches which were ripe enough you couldn’t help but notice their sweet aroma.

Being born in Georgia must have affected my little peachy boy more than I realized. He ate a peach as soon as we got in the car and then later after a trip to the playground he suddenly stopped playing and asked to go home. Why? Because he wanted another peach!

Tooth Time

I have a confession to make. I have been guilty of neglecting my teeth. I used to be great about getting in to my dentist, scheduling cleanings and keeping up with the latest care items until a little wrench fell into the gears of my life- children. Between pregnancy and our cross country moves getting myself to a dentist in the proper timing to actually obtain x-rays and full care simply just hasn’t happened. Pair that with a slight phobia of dentists thanks to a botched root canal years ago and you wound up with dental avoidance which is a most unhealthy way of life. My children have been to the dentist more often than I have since having them.

2008 is seeing me turn over a new leaf. I’ve seen a wonderful new dentist, found out that my teeth are not in nearly as bad condition as I feared (they definitely need work but thankfully no root canals), and am back on track to a long healthy future with my chompers. While getting on track I also took the boys in for their exams because they were due for their 6 month cleaning.

We had a bit of a scare at EBoy’s dentist appointment. While the hygienist was checking his teeth she discovered a hole! I was mortified because we’d been working so hard to properly brush and floss his teeth. A major feat considering up until we discovered cavities a year ago each day was a virtual headlock wrestling fight to get everything in his mouth brushed (hating the sensation of brushing was just another fun aside from his sensory history). He’s even taken to regular use of fluoride rinse to keep everything nice and clean.

The dentist came in to confirm I’m not the winner of the cavity of the year club- turns out EBoy lost his filling! His teeth are in great shape (and cavity free) so we returned the next day to get the filling repaired at no cost. Our home will continue to be a fruit snack free zone(their gummy evilness has destroyed the teeth of more than a few children we know) while encouraging tooth friendly xylitol gum. ETot is 100% cavity free although he would have preferred to remain dentist free- much wailing and yelling commenced with his exam and cleaning. But we’ll keep taking him back, we really have an incredible pediatric dentist who cares for the kids just as much as their teeth. I’m hoping we will all have a long and healthy futures as far as our teeth are concerned.

Valentine Rewind

My heart

Valentine’s Day has been an all week celebration. I’ve got new respect for Moms of school aged children- I never realized just how much goes into all of the preparations, decorations, and events for love day. Wednesday was ETot’s Valentine pizza party at his school. It was very cute to see how proud he was of the heart he made and his complete disregard for the cards and candy stuffed into his Valentine goody bag.

EBoy on the other hand spent the week counting down to the big party. His class party was a huge hit with party games, cookie decorating and even ice cream sundaes.


The kids had a blast as we stuffed them with sugar and then left the teacher to enjoy the rest of the day with a classroom full of hyped up children. Thankfully they did have an extra recess in the afternoon, definitely needed to run off the chocolate and goodies.

Happy Chocolate Day

We finished up the day with a Valentine event for all of the married couples at my church. With dinner, dancing, a quick impromptu wedding (of a very sweet long time engaged couple) and free childcare this was definitely one of our best Valentine’s Days yet. I hope you had a wonderful day full of love with your family.



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ETot Turns 3

Birthday Boy

Dear ETot,
I still have a hard time believe you are really 3 and not my teenie little baby anymore. This year has shown us just how strong your determination and personality really are. We always knew you had a mind of your own but at the age of 2 you felt quite comfortable sharing exactly how you feel everything should always go. Stickers are not for paper- they are for facial decorations. You are so proud of your sticker boy abilities but then get shy the moment anyone else sees you and comments on your entertaining appearance.

You started school this year and have been more than happy to head to class twice a week. My heart swells with pride every time you insist on carrying your spiderman backpack into class yourself, and then you search for your name in order to place the backpack in your bin. Letters and numbers are quickly becoming fast friends in your world and you surprise us with just how quickly you can learn so much. The other children simply adore you and yell out your name when you arrive in class, you of course play it cool and ignore everyone until you decide they are worthy of your attention. Yet you somehow just keep wrapping everyone around your little finger with your aloof but lovable ways.

Your brother is definitely your best friend and you strive very heard to puff up your chest and make the same big boy requests that he does. I credit your admiration of your brother in your decision to potty train in the blink of an eye(the shots of whipped cream directly into your mouth didn’t hurt either). We have been slowly working to allow the two of you to share a room, someday it will become reality once you can contain your excitement and go to sleep instead of trying to have a dance party and ask your brother a million questions.

Comedic timing is something I always assumed people developed over time. You have shown me that apparently what they say is true- some folx are just born with it. Your sense of humor is like an effervescent ray of sunshine that peeks through at the most unexpected times. Although I shouldn’t laugh when you are getting into something you have no business being in, when you turn and give me your big easy grin that let’s me know that not only are you funny but you KNOW that you are funny how can I resist giggling?


You are still my sweet angel even though you forbid us to call you our little baby (I NOT little baby! is your automatic scowling reply, and yes we laugh every time) you’ll always be the baby in our hearts. Thank you for teaching me just how much humor there is to look forward to each and every day.

Blowing out the candles

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