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Yes We Can

Politics is not my favorite field of discussion, particularly in relation to blogs. I still remember so clearly just 4 or 5 years ago permanently discontinuing reading some of my favorite parenting blogs when they began their rabid political attacks on the very same Americans they share a home and country with. Their rage made it easy for them to blindly follow into the current economic mess our country is now fully immersed in. Right now I have to set aside my typical no politics discussion for just a minute to state just how rejuvenated I am feeling thanks to the current political state of our country. I never once believed that in my own lifetime I would ever live to see an african-american make a viable run for presidency in the United States.

Not discounting Shirley Chisolm or those who followed in her footsteps, but the audacity of hope that is joyously infecting people of all ethnicities and backgrounds makes my bleeding heart smile bigger than I ever knew possible. EBoy asks us every day if Barack Obama is now the President. Thank you Barack for living the dream so many of our ancestors fought and died for. It brings tears to my eyes to realize my own children don’t find it unusual or impossible that an African-American man just might wind up being the leader of the United States. Yes we can make a difference, history is being made to be sure the future is brighter for all.

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