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The Eyes Have it

So Blue

Eyes have been a fascination of mine since before I can even remember. While some may first be drawn to people because of a specific interest or look somehow eyes have managed to capture me time and time again. In grade school my earliest best friend had bright blue smiling eyes that could make me laugh even when she didn’t say a word. The adoring gaze of my husband’s dark intense eyes made me realize just how much he loved me at a time when I didn’t even love myself. My oldest son’s newborn eyes were a deep grey blue and making him laugh and giggle made them sparkle more than all of the stars in the sky.

While my thing for eyes has given me happy memories I’ve definitely had my share of weird ones. From people sitting down to dump out their life story to me just from one glance into their eyes to literally becoming scared to notice eyes anymore because of men insisting I must be truly into them just because of a simple look. After repeated weird experiences I spent a few years trying to avoid eyes. It saddened me to no longer feel free to innocently glance into soul windows just to see a glimpse of the beauty God has blessed each and every person with.

Now that I am a photographer (you just don’t know how GREAT it feels to be able to say that) not only do I have permission to focus on the eyes of others, doing so is an absolute necessity for producing the type photographs which speaks to my soul. Now as I notice people with great eyes I calculate in my head the different techniques and angles that would capture the essence of who they are. Who knew that my lifetime of paying close attention to eyes would ultimately lead to a passion and career I absolutely love.

For those have inquired about what camera I use I currently shoot with a Canon XTi Digital SLR, but hope to upgrade in the near future. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful visitors to this blog who have commented or emailed about my pictures. This has been such a supportive environment and has really offered confirmation that I am definitely doing what I was meant to do.

And the Leapfrog Winner Is….


You can expect your Leapfrog Tag in the mail this week- definitely let us know what your son thinks of this fun product.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here are the children’s books recommended by the lovely readers of ebonymommy.com:

Much More Than A Mom I’ve been wanting to try one! My kiddo doesn’t have a fave book, actually. We read anywhere from 3-25 per day and he loves them all. Right now he particularly likes “I am Canada” and “Peek-a-Boo Penguins.” Thanks!

tanyetta My son LOVES the book: You are my joy. He can recite the entire book all by himself. This book shows the love a mother has for her son and she celebrates it on every page of the book.

Cheryl W
My daughter’s favorite book: Green Eggs and Ham! Thanks!

trina My son loves the book: Heaven is Having You! He loves to turn the pages and read this over and over again at bed time!

Raquita My kid loves the cat who like potato soup, she likes it alot. I would like to have a pen that reads to me? will it do classics?

Elizabeth M My child’s favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Leslie My children’s favorite books are Ready Set Read (a collection of stories) and Time for Bed by Mem Fox.

Here Comes the Shoes

Wedding Shoes

The bride’s shoes from an absolutely lovely wedding I shot this past weekend.

Giveaway Contest Leapfrog Tag

leapfrog tag

The Tag reader is such a great product that Leapfrog has provided one for giveaway to my ever so lovely readers. If you’d like to win a brand new Tag Reading System (worth $49.99) which includes the Tag reader, book, and software here’s what you can do to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your child’s favorite book
2. Write about this contest on your blog and link to this post
3. Request to test out the Leapfrog sponsored Savvy Source widget (right hand side bar) on your blog

Each of the above options will give you an entry in the drawing so do them all for multiple chances to win. All entries must be received by Saturday July 26, 2008.

This contest is open to those who live in the US only (apologies to my international readers)

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