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The Dreamer:

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

The Dream:

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

My heart is bursting with pride from witnessing history for my country, for my people, and my children who will never know what is like to feel like you can’t do something just because of the color of your skin. 45 years for a brilliant man’s dream to become a nation’s reality.


I upgraded my blog version and unfortunately its caused so many errors half of the time I can’t login at all. Hopefully this will see it fixed for good so I can get back to regular blogging. Until I can return for a full update here’s a little of what I’ve been up to from a recent engagement session:

sunset kiss

Wordless Wednesday- The Tea Party


Great Grandpa

We’ve been blessed to have my grandfather visiting for the last two weeks. He has not seen the boys since we lived in Georgia so he’s had a fun time seeing his 2 great grandsons and getting to meet his 2 great granddaughters for the first time. The boys think he’s quite fun as well and ETot refers to him as his great great great great great Grandpa. I happen to think he’s pretty super great myself.

Bob the Builder Computer Skills

Check out the review blog for a freebie trial of a new Bob the Builder computer game thanks to the Parent Bloggers Network.

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