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President Barack Obama

After the primaries were finally wrapped up in August EBoy was very excited to ask me “So is Barack Obama our president now?” Unfortunately I had to tell him no, not yet. Then after the November elections he asked me again, I was happy to tell him that yes he had won but it would be just a few more days before he’d officially be our president.

As of today I am so proud to have two African-American sons witness history and the realization of the dreams of so many of our ancestors. Happy Obama Day to you and yours, this is truly a day we will never forget.

First Things First

Graphic Credit Laura Logan
Graphic Credit: Laura Logan

I figure its time to let everyone know our exciting news. To answer exactly what our ultrasound results are I’ll leave it to this little song.

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Upcoming Blog Updates

Greetings to all of my lovely readers. I have been trying to get back to the blog but life has gotten in the way a bit. Here’s some upcoming posts I must get accomplished to be caught up

1. My unexpected stay in the hospital (baby and I are fine)
2. Ultrasound results (we know what we’re having!)
3. Christmas update (better late than never)
4. Our New Years event (sharing pics from a wonderful time)
5. Therapy rocks (my new therapy friend)
6. Photos photos photos (I’m so behind getting them up online).
7. Our little Napoleon ETot (who is currently reigning king of way more things than he should be)
8. EBoy’s school progress (and the bestest teacher EVER)

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. Thanks to everyone who emailed to check up on me we’re doing great just very very busy.

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