Black Children’s Books

I absolutely love books. While some may have issues passing up a great pair of shoes, or a gorgeous outfit I have a very hard time passing up books. So far EbonyBoy seems equally enthralled with my love of books and has quite a nice collection. I’ve been collected as many Black children’s books as I possibly can. I remember growing up always reading but rarely remember seeing pictures of children that looked like me in books. Now there are so many books with focus on black children- African-American, Carribean, African, its really possible to find authors and illustrations that span the globe.

Soon I will be beginning another blog focused on black children’s books. We read books of all types of cultures throughout the world- but a focus of Black children particularly interests me because I’ve been collecting Black books for my boys since before they were even born. Of course the books will focus on the current age of my children so mostly board books and toddler books for now but hopefully the book age will grow as my ebony babies grow.

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