Flight Fancy

Returning to Dallas- cameraphone shot

The above picture is a grainy cameraphone shot as our plane descended towards our Dallas arrival. The plane ride was lovely and I’m still surprised at how much I enjoyed flying Alaska airlines. Between the new one check-in bag rule and the whole no carrying liquids of any kind I was expecting to be more irritated than relaxed. However the lack of small children climbing all over us in the plane yelling complaints and demanding snacks might have had a little to do with our peaceful trip. They even had on board entertainment boxes for rental featuring a variety of movies, music, and videos.

It’s amazing how quickly a week can get eaten up when you return home from a carefree romance focused vacation to your loving but constantly chattering emulating every incredible-hulk-ironman-transformer-wolverine-spiderman-whatever superhero crosses their mind at the moment children. The boys missed us greatly but enjoyed their time with my parents. ETot has been strangely compliant since our return and even insists that I’m his best friend. Typically he reserves this honor only for his Daddy (responding to the question “Is Mommy your best friend, too?” with vigorous head shaking and denials). So its nice to be back with my new status - we’ll see how long it lasts.

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