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We volunteer at a local nature preserve and help run a program focused on teaching about nature to young children. The program involves primarily toddlers and we have some older children who are homeschooled- we do a craft, nature story, and are lead on a hike by our favorite Ranger.

This month our topic was dragonflies. We did this great dragonfly craft:

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We jazzed up our dragonflies a bit by using sequins and colored string instead of just using thread. We then went on a wonderful hike

Both boys are loving the stroller lately- I’m seriously in need of a good double jogger for the hiking though:
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Hikers in motion:
EbonyMommy ©2005

I’m working on the proposal for this program to keep it up and running (and free) so I’m sure my research process will lead to more posts about children and nature. We’ve been volunteering with this program for almost a year now and its definitely been a fantastic experience I think the parents have just as good of a time as the kids.

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Very cool.

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