32 Week Update

Another week has flown by and I learned just how exhausting it can be to be 32 weeks pregnant and have 2 boys home full time thanks to Spring Break. I was able to enjoy spending time with the boys but definitely did not get as much accomplished as I would have liked. I had grand plans of heading out to visit with a different set of friends every day, head to the science museum, and take a train ride to a local stockyard. Most of these plans didn’t quite come to fruition but we definitely had fun examining the new plants they are growing (hopefully I’ll have an awesome herb garden in my kitchen), catching up on reading books, and creating our own books and art projects.

On the pregnancy all is well- my chiropractor was very pleased at how well my back is holding up even with the constant counter weight and pressure from the baby sticking straight out. No Doctors visit this week but EDad and I finally went on a tour of the hospital where we will be having the baby! We adored the staff and were very pleased with the large bright birthing suites and rooms. Each of our boys has been born in a different state so it will be very exciting to have our first little Texan in the Ebony family.

We had several questions for the hospital and used this primer to help us develop what we really wanted to know:

Labor & Birth

* Do you offer any type of classes? Who teaches them? What is the cost? Do you have specialty classes?

* Where do I go when it’s time for labor? Is there a different place at night?

* What paperwork needs to be completed prior to admission for labor? Is there other paperwork to be done? Can it be done prior to labor?

* What will I need to bring with me when I’m in labor? Will my chart be sent over or will I need to hand carry it?

* Do you have a triage system? How long does one usually stay in triage?

* What types of birthing rooms are available? Can I labor, give birth and recover in one room?

* What types of comfort measures do you encourage? Is there a tub or shower in the birth room? Do you have access to birth balls, music, squat bar, etc.?

* What type of food or drink is allowed? Is there a kitchen area for myself or my family? Am I allowed to bring food or drink from home? Do you provide clear liquids like popsicles, broth, Jell-o®, etc.?

* Are IVs required? What about a saline lock to provide access to my veins instead? Who would make this provision if it’s not a standard policy?

* What type of medications are available should I choose medication? What IV medications are used? Do you offer epidural anesthesia? Is there a special class to take for the epidural? Do you have anesthesiologists who only do obstetrical anesthesia? Do you have 24 hour anesthesia available on site? Can I have a pre-labor consult with the anesthesia group if I have special concerns?

* Do you have visitor policies in labor? Do you have policies about siblings?

* Are cameras and film equpiment allowed? Are there any parts for which we should turn it off?

* What type of fetal monitoring do you offer? External? Internal? Doppler/fetoscope? What are the hospital policies on monitoring in labor?

* How often do you experience an overflow of patients? What happens if all of your birthing rooms are taken?

* Do you utilize students or residents in any way?

* What is your hospitals induction rate? How many patients receive augementation in labor? What is your episiotomy rate? Epidural rate? Forceps/vacuum rates? Cesarean rates? VBAC rate?

* Do you have doulas on staff? Do you have a listing of doulas?

* To whom should I send my birth plan? Does it need to be signed by my doctor or midwife? My pediatrician?

Cesarean Birth

* Can my partner stay with me for a cesarean birth? My doula?

* Can we have photos of the birth?

* Will I be able to watch the surgery via mirror? Could the drapes be lowered?

* What is the policy about pre-operative medications? Post-operative pain relief?

* Will the baby be available to me during the surgery time? In the recovery room? When can I begin nursing?

* If the cesarean is planned, what is the admission procedure?

* Will my partner be able to go with the baby, should s/he need to leave the room?


* Will I have the same room postpartum that I did for labor and birth?

* Are all your postpartum rooms private? Will I ever be moved from my room?

* Do the rooms have showers or tubs? What about sitz baths?

* Can members of my family stay over night? Is there an extra charge for this?

* What pain relief options are available postpartum? Does that differ if you’ve had a cesarean birth? What about nursing moms?

* What is the average length of stay for a vaginal birth? A cesarean birth?

* Is there a policy for early discharge?

Baby Care

* What is your policy on rooming in? Are there times that the baby cannot be in our room?

* Do pediatricians do their visits at the bed side? When would this not be appropriate?

* Do you have a lactation consultant? Is she available seven days a week? What are her hours? Does she see every nursing mom? Is she certified?

* What are the policies about breastfeeding babies and bottles/pacifiers?

* Are their sibling visitation policies?
Questions quoted from about.com

Everything is going very well and I’m going to be making a huge announcement in the next few days about something I’ve been working on. Scroll down to my Ultimate Blog Party post to see an updated belly picture.


Wow, sounds like you thought it all out! Good for you.

Comment by Justice Jonesie | March 23rd, 2009 8:06 am | Permalink

Well I sure am glad to hear that you are doing well. Now it is time for you to slow down a bit and take care of YOU. I have to go check out your belly shot ;)

Comment by Sheliza | March 23rd, 2009 8:29 am | Permalink

congrats on your new up coming baby. the last weeks are the hardest cause you can’t do much and you just want them OUT!!!
Saucy Salsita, AKA The Green, Sexy Expat - Greening it up in Costa Rica!

Comment by saucy salsita | March 23rd, 2009 10:35 am | Permalink

Great that your doing well. I have 2 kids of my own.I bet it’s hard work with a new baby on the way.

Comment by Lashun | March 24th, 2009 9:18 am | Permalink

I’m so happy that your pregnancy is progressing well.

Did you get all of these questions answered?

Just took a peek at your baby bump - so cute! Be sure to carve out some time for yourself, you are almost there!

Comment by Gabrielle Kai Photography | March 24th, 2009 5:18 pm | Permalink

What a great resource for moms-to-be headed for the hospital. It sounds like you and the boys had a terrific time on Spring Break; sometimes, it’s good to take head to the “break” part of the vacation and take it easy… those are the best Spring Breaks coming and going!

Comment by MyBrownBaby | March 24th, 2009 7:10 pm | Permalink

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