I was born May 27, 1974 in California. An Army brat- I’ve lived in multiple states and a couple of countries. I consider myself to be a Texan because I lived there most of my life. Currently I live in Stone Mountain, GA right outside of Atlanta.

I have one brother who I am very close to- he resides in Austin Texas. We both went to the same university and obtained the same degree. I have an older sister who I talk to every day- she was raised in St. Louis, MO while I lived in San Antonio, TX. Unfortunately I didn’t even know she existed until I was 12 years old but we’ve been best friend since the day we met.

My husband and I originally met about 12 years ago online. We were best friends for years before I woke up and realized the perfect man was right in front of me. We’ve been happily married every since.

I have two wonderful little boys- EbonyBoy who was born July 13, 2002 and EbonyBaby who was born January 23, 2005. We have a lot of fun together and I enjoy being a stay at home mom.

I hold a degree in environmental engineering- it took me 6 years to finish a 5 year degree, I worked for a firm in New York for a year and realized that engineering just wasn’t right for me. Web design was a hobby and something I did for fun while working in campus computerlabs while in college and I turned it into my career for a national insurance agency. I someday hope to return to school to get a degree in photography.

I started this blog because though I know many black stay at home mothers I have seen very few blogs which are written by us. I have many varied interests including cooking, decorating, homeschooling, naturopathic, travelling and of course reading blogs.

Feel free to contact me at ebonymom at gmail dot com

Update March 2007:

We are no longer in Georgia- we relocated to Texas

The Cast:

Ebony Boy:

Rescue hero extroidinaire Ebony Boy is into all things Science and space related. Cooking and music are his top hobbies.

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Ebony Tot (formerly known as Ebony Baby)

The real head of our household, ETot thinks he’s the boss of all and is usually sweet enough to get his way. Favorite things include puzzles, Elmo, and anything his brother already has.

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Ebony Dad (EDad)

Strong black father and compassionate soulmate to EMom there’s not much he can’t do. He’s a techie with interests in all of the newest technologies and a passion for home theater design. He can bakes the best cheesecake ever!

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