101 Things

1. I am a Highly Sensitive Person
2. Born in California
3. Lived in Baltimore, Maryland then Hartford, Connecticut then Frankfurt, Germany
4. We then finally moved to Texas
5. When I learned we were moving there I thought I’d get to ride a horse to school. Sadly no horses accompanied me to school but I did have a cowgirl outfit with matching boots that got worn regularly
6. I won the bike rodeo in the 2nd grade and I still have my trophy
7. I believed in Santa Claus until I was 8 or 9 and was so crushed when I accidently discovered my Christmas gifts early (parents had left them out in their room)- I wasn’t upset that Santa didn’t exist but I was sad to lose the magic of believing in something so impossible
8. I know how to square dance even though I still don’t understand why square dancing was mandatory for elementary PE
9. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and also played the flute for 7 years
10. I played basketball and went to high school with a famous NBA basketball player but refuse to mention his name because I don’t like name dropping
11. I know how to pour and fire my own ceramics
12. My husband and I originally met on the internet over 12 years ago
13. My favorite number is 13
14. Numbers sometimes speak to me- I often see patterns in dates
15. Many important dates in my life are 13s My anniversary is January 13, Dh’s birthday is April 13 and first son’s birthday is July 13
16. I kind of hoped baby #2 would arrive on January 13 but I had an all natural VBAC delivery on January 23, 2005. His birth was one of the most amazing moments of my life
17. I used a doula for the birth of baby #2 - it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made
18. Each of my children was born in a different state
19. My brother and I were born in different countries (He was born in Germany)
20. I have natural hairwhich is relaxer free and a minority for most black women. My hair is one of my obsessions and I’m always researching and learning more about natural hair care. Someday I want dreadlocks
21. I’m scared to color my hair becauseI lost most of my hair in a horrible coloring accident in college. The coloring turned my hair bright blonde and Mary J. Blige became my nickname while pledging because of the crazy color
22. My pet peeves are people that chew gum/food loudly and smack and those that whistle when I’m trying to concentrate on something
23. I’ve had 3 male best friends in my life- 2 are now gay and the other I married
24. I’m allergic to platinum
25. I owned a rottweiler while I was in college- her name was Dutchess and she used to come to classes with me
26. I’m not a cat person- I find them too finicky and unpredictable so I doubt I would ever own one
27. I don’t believe in astrology but am always amazed at the personality traits that seem to run true for astrological signs and chinese astrology
28. When I graduated college I moved to New York
29. I partied and lived a very wild lifestyle I’m glad I got enough partying for 5 lifetimes out of my system
30. In New York I lived with my best friend (who’s now my husband)
31. I’ve seen 2 broadway shows- Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King
32. Someday I’d like to own an apartment in Manhattan
33. I’d also like a house in Belize
34. I went to Belize for my honeymoon
35. We also visited Guatemala
36. I stayed at the resort where Temptation Island was filmed. We had no idea of the Temptation Island link (the camera crew had just left) and were a bit embarrassed
37. I visited some of the most amazing Mayan ruins
38. We also stayed in the rain forest of Belize
39. I swam with sharks and stingrays
40. I’m a survivor of domestic abuse. My husband is responsible for helping me make it out of this horrific relationship with a very controlling man. I still fear this man and haven’t seen him since the day he was thrown in jail the last time he attacked me
41. I have a bad habit of getting overinvolved- in high school and college I was in way too many activities. Now I try to keep it simple and not overvolunteer myself
42. Traveling is my passion
43. I love to fly in airplanes but planes always make me sleepy. As a child, I slept from New York to Germany. I still have a hard time staying awake once a plane takes off and hope my children inherit the same trait.
44. I’ve flown in a small private plane around the head of the Statue of Liberty on a date once
45. I love all things crafty
46. I started my first knitting project 2 years ago. Someday I hope to complete it
47. I sometimes make jewelry
48. I learned how to crotchet when I was a girl scout It took me 3 years to finish the only item (a blanket) I have ever crocheted
49. I’ve hand poured ceramics before but I’d love to learn to use a pottery wheel
50. I want to learn to make my own soap because my incredibly sensitive skin has made it impossible to use most mainstream bath products. I’ve become an ingredient snob and I refuse to touch anything with mineral oil, petrolatum or sulfates in them
51. Even though its very inefficient I love driving an SUV and have only owned 1 vehicle that wasn’t a truck of some sort. My SUV addiction is totally related to my napoleon complex
52. My favorite thing to hoard is office supplies. I keep buying them but don’t want to use them because I like them in pristine condition
53. I think the OfficeMax guy Eddie Steeples is too cute
54. I also like Tony Sinclair-I’ve never had Tanquaray though
55. My last big drinking experience resulted in me getting kicked out of a club. Drinking has not be a part of my life ever since
56. I come from generations of family with addictions of all sorts
57. I’ve never tried any illegal drugs and never will- my addictive personality is something I don’t believe in toying with
58. I absolutely hate throwing up. If something makes me sick most likely I’ll never touch it again
59. I have a fairly high threshold of pain
60. I heart my chiropractor. He’s truely is the best in the world- he’s also adjusted both of my children
61. I lived in Seattle for 4 years. I think Seattle is a beautiful place but have no interest in ever living there again because its too far removed from the rest of the country.
62. I find it impossible to throw away greeting cards and magazines. Most of my childhood birthday cards are still in a huge folder. Hopefully I’ll find a use for them someday. My most treasured card is handmade by my very first teacher in Germany. She sent me letters for years and I’ll never forget MaryAnn
63. I spoke fluent German as a child but don’t remember a word now
64. I can sometimes understand Spanish but am afraid to speak it for fear of saying things incorrectly
65. I collect elephant teapots and elephant mugs. I have a huge collection of other elephants from all over the world but find them too bulky to collect hence just teapots/mugs which are more difficult to find.
66. I’ve had 3 operations in my life
67. I have a love hate relationship with food. I love to eat but hate to gain weight
68. My favorite thing to cook currently is Caribbean food
69. I’m also getting good at cooking Indian food
70. I’d love to visit India someday and have a wedding to renew my wedding vows
71. My favorite authors are Gloria Naylor and Maya Angelou- my Mother is a dead ringer for Maya Angelou so she’s very special to me
72. Mostly I listen to neosoul music(Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Musiq, Jazzy Fatnastees) but I also love jazz, classical, and some hip hop
73. Brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable- they have to be fresh though not frozen
74. I love cooking with fresh herbs- basil, thyme, parsley and cilantro are my current favorites
75. I have a huge collection of herbs in my kitchen- so I’m always looking for new recipes to incorporate them
76. I can hold a tune singing in a choir but always wished I had an incredibe strong singing voice
77. I own a guitar and someday hope to learn to play it
78. My absolute favorite female rock artist of all time is Alanis Morisette- her music helped me through some very rough times
79. I’ve been proposed to several times, but have never once been asked to be a bridesmaid even though. I really would like to be one just as a special bond to help the Bride in friendship
80. Before I became a full time Mommy I was a web developer/graphic designer
81. The time I felt most beautiful in my life was when I was pregnant- I hated being nauseated but loved the way I looked
82. It irks me when pregnant women constantly call themselves fat- you are growing a baby enjoy being able to have such a precious gift
83. I read a lot of blogs but my favorites were infertility blogs when I was pregnant with baby #2
84. I have PCOS and my doctors expected me to have difficulty conceiving- they were wrong
85. My favorite color is red
86. My sorority’s colors are red and white and I’m involved on an alumnae level
87. My sorority sisters from college are still some of my closest friends today- we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary
88. My biggest regret about college is that I didn’t keep in contact with all of the people I knew
89. My second biggest regret was choosing a major I thought I could make money with instead of going to school for something I was passionate about. I have an environmental engineering degree that I’ll most likely never use
90. I hope to return to college someday to take courses in subjects I love
91. I’m a very fast reader and used to read a book or two in one day
92. I’ve always been good at math
93. I have a mental block about doing physics- a teacher made fun of a test reply in high school and I’ve never been able to recover from the embarrassment
94. I’ll never tire of making new friends and learning about new cultures
95. I’m very much into “the Oprah” for the positive vibe I receive from her efforts
97. I want to learn how to speak French
96. . I’m a shy person - but overcame my shyness in high school by performing in a One-Act-Play
97. I played the role of Compassion
98. My greatest personality trait is my compassion and empathy
99. Its also my worst trait because I hurt very deeply when my friends are hurt
100. My greatest fear is that someone would abuse one of my children- I fear for the person because I think I’d lose it and wind up in jail
101. I hope to get to know more people through this blog and share my experiences

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