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September 3rd, 2008 by Yolanda

Ready for the Day from Freespirit Books

Ready for the Day from Freespirit Books

Most parents of small children can agree that the ages of 2 and 3 years old can be a bit trying at times. Part of your child’s development is forming their own opinions and their own voice in all facets of their lives.  There are many schools of parenting education and disciplining techniques and Freespirit books offers some wonderful options to helping your child adjust as they evolve emotionally and mentally.

Ready for Bed and Ready for the Day are two books which follow the conversation between a young child and one of their parents as they go through their daily routine. Each book provides specific examples of how the parents validate feelings, offer choices, and provide encouraging words to assist their child in getting focused and ready to accomplish their daily tasks.

The appendix of the book then gives detailed explanation of these tenants of positive disciplining and ways of integrating them into your daily life as well as how important they are to your child’s development. Each book is beautifully illustrated and held the attention of my 3 year old quite nicely. These books would be very helpful for new parents as well as those in throws of two year old development.

I’ll never forget when I finally figured out the importance of offering choices. My then 2 year old oldest son didn’t believe in naps at all but being pregnant with my youngest at the time made them a much required necessity. I finally asked him one day “Would you like to take your nap in mommy and daddy’s room? Or in your own room?” He carefully thought it over and chose mommy and daddy’s room. My non-napping son calmly went to lay down and took his first willing 2 hour nap that I’d ever experienced. I then praised him for his great choices and was able to rest at a time when my body needed to more than ever.

Language is so important in interacting with your children and Ready for the Day and Ready for the Bed provide guidance on exact discussion for encouraging your child’s emotional health and intelligence. At the same time the tips, which are all very straightforward and well explained, will expand your parenting skills to hopefully reduce the tantrums and meltdowns which can frustrate even the calmest moments of life. If you would like a cultural diverse parenting tool to positively impact your child’s learning and your own parenting skills definitely give these books a try.

Thanks to the Parent Bloggers Network for the opportunity to review these very helpful books.

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